It has been about a year since I last posted on my blog. I originally wanted to be very regular at writing. However, life throws you a curve ball once in a while. Over the past 1 year that I have been very busy with the Conference circuit, Open Source, work and personal life. It has been a very interesting year indeed. I have given over 10 tech talks across 3 continents. I have been an active contributor to Apache Cassandra at work and in my spare time. I’m co-chairing the IEEE Infrastructure conference in the Bay Area and putting together the Cassandra track at ApacheCon NA 2019. It has been a great ride, indeed! Now that things are not that crazy, I am back to tinkering in my spare time, reading books and looking for the next challenge.

PyConSK 2018 Experience

Having worked in Python for over a decade now, I thought it would be a great time to engage the community more meaningfully. I was looking for speaking at various Python events. The first one being the BayPIGGIES event on February 22nd 2018. Later, I was invited to speak at PyCon SK 2018 held in Bratislava from March 9-11 2018. My talk was similar to the one given in BayPIGGIES but slightly different. Public speaking wasn’t always my strengths but it’s always great to push yourself out of your comfort zone to do something new.

PyCon SK 2018 was an interesting experience. I definitely got to meet some really interesting and passionate people. Saw some amazing talks and I’m looking forward to the next year’s event. Of course I got to present my talk which was fantastic. The size of the audience was a bit daunting. I enjoyed meeting the nice folks of Slovakia.