Solution to Pick Peak problem on Codewars

Python Programming Language

Codewars is an interesting website for enhancing your coding skills. I have been playing around with the site for a while trying to get better at Python. I came across the “Pick Peak” problem on codewars that I found very interesting. In this post I’ll take you guys through the Solution to Pick Peak problem on Codewars. The ‘Pick Peak’ problem was fun and interesting. Here’s the problem.

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Why I moved away from Godaddy for web hosting

Godaddy business plan comparison

I purchased my domains from Godaddy about 8 years ago. Since then I’ve been using them on and off for web hosting some content and essentially parking my domains (with no income). I’ve stuck with them because their prices were competitive. However, logging into Godaddy’s web portal to manage anything was a poor experience. It’s like wading through the 90s popup ads on the Internet with absolutely no popup blockers. They have gotten better about it lately but they still try to upsell all the time. This is very annoying to the normal user.

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Hello, world!

Sounds a bit cheesy but this is my first post. Trying out WordPress hosting…

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void) {
   printf("Hello, world!");
   return 0;